Matt Rhode is the fur clad, air soaring, high kicking, bass player of the anthemic Rock N Roll band, Bend Sinister.
1. Why does voting matter to you?
“Voting, especially in 2015 has become more important than ever. With the internet, and the world in a social media frenzy, it’s easy to get swept away by entertaining politics and ploys rather than focus on the real issues, and what’s really best for our country and planet. Voting matters, because without us voting, and standing up for the changes we want to see, we will just be contributing to the further collapse of our freedoms, country and natural resources. All those cute little Facebook posts will be in vein, if you don’t vote.”
 2. What is one thing you’d like to see happen over the next five years – either here in YVR, or nationally?
“I would like to see more natural awareness. We have one of the largest sources of clean amazing water, trees, fresh oxygen, produce, farming… you name it, we’ve got it. Let’s stop outsourcing, and really start focusing on Canada. If you look at how Iceland did a full turnaround, and even abolished McDonalds from their beautiful island, you’d see a country that believes in themselves, and building something great from within.
 3. Can you name a time you felt part of a movement or cause? How did that community come together? What did that experience feel like?
“I feel like I am part of a movement right now, just being asked to express my opinions to Canadian voters has ignited me to talk more with my friends, the music community and my family about the importance of voting, and learning how to strategically make an impact daily.”
 4. If you could say one thing to today’s youth about the importance of voting, what would you say?
“I’d say…… Do you love Canada? If so….. Prove it.”
 5. Will you pledge to vote #InAdvance?
“Unfortunately I am in Europe during the #inadvance voting, but I pledge to be voting October 19th, or sooner if possible!”