ROCOCODE is the Vancouver, Canada based indie pop duo of Laura Smith and Andrew Braun. Their music weaves together a lush tapestry of synths, guitars and soundscapes around duelling boy/girl vocals and heavy bass and drums.

1) Why does voting matter to you?
“Voting is so important. It’s so easy. Voting is one of the few ways which we are allowed to take action in our democratic society. These days Canada is feeling less and less democratic, and more than ever it’s time to take action and make the choice to raise our voices and affect some serious change. I have always voted, and I am confused why many would choose to let others have their say and make the decisions for them, as though the results do not affect them. Every choice the government makes will affect us in some large, small or long term way. Perhaps the wired era we live in makes us feel a bit more insular, but Canadians need to stick together and support one another. We are all living in this big beautiful place together, it’s up to us to protect it and it’s up to us to make sure each and every one of us is being treated fairly and with respect. These goons up there in the suits making the big bucks and throwing bills around (such as bill C-51) like it’s no big deal are acting irresponsibly and it’s up to us to make change… you gotta vote.”
2) What is one thing you’d like to see happen over the next five years – either here in YVR, or nationally?
“It is my hope that the Conservatives will no longer be our government, and they will no longer be crushing the Canada we once knew. If this does happen, I hope the new government will pick up the pieces and put importance back on taking care of the Canadians who need assistance, be it mental, physical, emotional or financial. It’s tough times out there and has grown visibly worse over the past few years, especially in Vancouver. I hope they will restore environmental protection rights, listen to and fund our scientists, respect First Nations, stop giving breaks to the people who already have money, think about the future, have some ingenuity, the list could go on – but overall I hope our country will have a greater long term strategy that is well more rounded and compassionate, unlike the current strategy which seems very narrow and economy centred.”
3) Can you name a time you felt part of a movement or cause? How did that community come together? What did that experience feel like?
“During the Burnaby mountain protest, I went to support the protests, and signed about a million petitions. It was really humbling to see the strength and resolution from people, especially the ones keeping the sacred fire going on the mountain for those few months. People came together from all over to protect what was right and stop what was wrong. It felt amazing to be part of something that was eventually successful….and that so many people fought so hard for. I wish more of us would stand up like this more often! Myself included.”
4) If you could say one thing to today’s youth about the importance of voting, what would you say?

“It’s frustrating to think that the future of our country rests not only in the hands of the voters, but also in the hands of all the NON voters. We should all have a say. Even if you don’t think you know enough to vote, put in a few minutes, or an hour and read up a little….or the CBC has a great election compass. I highly recommend trying it out! If every single Canadian voted we could get rid of these bad guys already!”
5) Will you pledge to vote #InAdvance?

“You will see me voting #InAdvance on October 10th.”