Tarun provides the tabla and electronics for the fabulous Delhi 2 Dublin, a hybrid live/ electronic act whose concerts have been likened to ’90 minutes of freebasing joy’. Famous for their energy onstage, the five member crew has played over 100 shows a year for the last decade at festivals like Electric Forest (USA), Woodford Folk (Australia) and Bali Spirit Festival (Indonesia). Connecting roots to future, D2D features a heavy electronic backbone with live traditional Indian instruments (dhol, tabla), fiddle, electric guitar and the stunning punjabi-english vocals of frontman Sanjay Seran. The new album, ‘We’re All Desi’ sees the notorious genre smashers continue to evolve into fresh sonic territory. Teaming up with red hot producer Nick Middleton (The Funk Hunters), the result is a battle call for a quickening world – more truth, more smiles… and a lot more bass.

1) Why does voting matter to you?

“Voting is our chance to make change. It is our voice and our power.”

2) What is one thing you’d like to see happen over the next five years – either here in YVR, or nationally?

“I’d like to see Canada off the list of climate pariahs and see us renew our commitment to the Kyoto protocol. I’d like to see us seriously begin the transition from an oil- and gas-based economy to a renewable one. This is so do-able. We just have to elect Elon musk. lol. But seriously, the technology exists, and I think often that if we earmarked the same subsidies for clean energy as we do for oil and gas, we would be living in a very different country.”

3) Can you name a time you felt part of a movement or cause? How did that community come together? What did that experience feel like?

“I feel my band, Delhi 2 Dublin, is a part of a greater movement working toward understanding and unity through music. It feels great to play music and feel like we’re also doing ‘good’. On a slightly different tip, the band took part in the Kinder Morgan protests on Burnaby Mountain last fall, and that was a beautiful experience. Though we didn’t win the war, we won a small battle, and all through grassroots people power. It’s that same integrity of vision that we can make a change in the coming election.”

4) If you could say one thing to today’s youth about the importance of voting, what would you say?

“Try it! It’s surprisingly fun.”

5) Will you pledge to vote #InAdvance?

“Can I? If I’ll be in California? Would love to… educate me!”