Ashleigh Ball is a musician and voice actor from Vancouver. She is the lead singer of Juno nominated Hey Ocean! and is known for bringing life to many cartoons (My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Johnny Test). Ashleigh is currently living in Vancouver, working on many up and coming projects such as an animated series for Dreamworks and a solo album in the new year.

  1. Why does voting matter to you?

“Your vote is your voice. Everyone deserve a chance for their voice to be heard.”

  1. What is one thing you’d like to see happen over the next five years?

“I would like to see more importance placed on the environment.  A call for solutions to environmental degradation and climate change. We live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, let’s keep it that way.”

  1. Can you name a time you felt part of a movement or cause? How did that community come together? What did that experience feel like?

“Last year Hey Ocean! was asked to take part in The Blue Dot Tour, an initiative to exercise our right to a clean environment – for fresh air, clean water and the food we eat – to be recognized at all levels of government. We performed on stage with Neil Young and Feist, and heard Margret Atwood and David Suzuki speak and it was such a thrill to be apart of  something that I felt so connected to.”

  1. If you could say one thing to today’s youth about the importance of voting, what would you say?

“I’ve neglected my right to vote in past elections.  Get out there and be heard! Let’s finally elect a government we can be proud of.”

  1. Will you pledge to vote #InAdvance?

“I, Ashleigh Adele Ball do solemnly swear to vote #InAdvance!!”