Peter Ricq is an award-winning creative force. Besides his work as a Visual Artist, he is also a Television Producer, Writer, Art Director, Designer, Director, Music Composer and Performer. 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for Ricq. His band “HUMANS” released their first full-length album “Noontide” worldwide, followed by a world tour. Meanwhile, his side project “Gang Signs” will be releasing their debut album in the fall. Ricq also plans on releasing his first graphic novel in early 2016. Peter Ricq currently lives and works out of Vancouver.

1. Why does voting matter to you?

“Voting matters, we have the luxury of being in a country where we can chose a leader/party that best represents us, let’s take advantage of it. You’ll probably never find a party that is 100% aligned with your beliefs although you can definitely find out who you don’t want getting the majority seats, Harper government should not be leading our country, so let’s make that a priority.”
 2. What is one thing you’d like to see happen over the next five years – either here in YVR, or nationally?
“I’d love to see the rich getting taxed more and for Canada to get it’s natural protected lakes, lands and rivers back. We’ve lost a majority of our protected lands and it’s just getting worse, we aren’t the country we were 10 years ago.”
3. Can you name a time you felt part of a movement or cause? How did that community come together? What did that experience feel like?
“Ian Campeau, from A Tribe Called Red, and his wife Justine asked all of their friends to take a picture of themselves along with a hash tag #changethename. They were trying to convince the Nepean Redskins to change their name. It can be as simple as taking a picture or a vote with a outcome that can be so rewarding.”
4. If you could say one thing to today’s youth about the importance of voting, what would you say?
“If you want the rich getting richer, our land getting raped, your country not caring about the arts and stealing from you, then yeah, don’t vote.”